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Stay competitive, stay up to date

I came across a news aggregation service for designers and developers yesterday and something about its strapline made me think twice. “stay competitive, stay up to date? Is this true? The kind of news this app aggregates for me is Designer news, hacker news etc. Will not seeing the latest eBay redesign concept, CSS framework […]

Manufacturers, let us bring our own UI.

HTML5 is winning, car manufacturers are flocking to the technology to drive the next generation of apps within vehicles. However, will manufacturers’ hunger to improve the in car experience create a dangerous situation for drivers? This great article on the future of in car apps contains a discussion mainly about Native vs HTML5 technologies. Car manufacturers seem […]

Beausability [byoo-sah-bil-i-tee]

Research shows that ‘beautiful’ interfaces are perceived as being easier to use than less visually appealing interfaces whether they are or not. Beautiful + Usability = Beausability. Yes, Beausability is a horrible made up word and I already regret naming this post after it but the phenomenon it seeks to represent is an extremely interesting one. […]

Improving UX with the 80/20 rule

Using the 80/20 rule we can choose how to allocate design and development resources to achieve the greatest gains for  users. It is also a useful principle in UI design allowing us to prioritise elements over others. Principles & Priorities The Pareto principle or 80/20 rule states that “80% of the effects come from 20% […]

Hamburger not on the menu? The rise of overflow scroll.

2014 is shaping up to be the beginning of the end for the hamburger menu as studies, articles and opinion continually come out discrediting this UI pattern that has been the go-to solution for small screen navigation for the past few years. So what are the other options? One option is the overflow scroll menu […]

Founders Talk: Updatey

Updatey is a beautiful tool to keep your team and clients informed about whats going on in a project. I spoke to founder Benjamin Dell about inspiration, MVP and what’s next for Updatey. What first inspired you to start Updatey, and who did you reach out to first to start work on it? Updatey was […]

What are Personas and how do I use them?

A great way to stick to your user centred design principles and ensure your project is guided by the users needs and requirements is by using the magic of personas. Sold! So what are personas? Personas are brief profiles which represent key segments of your audience. They can help to uncover universal features and functionality […]

Is UX a Full Time Role?

A discussion occurred in the comments on one of my posts a few weeks ago. The discussion hinged on the idea that UX is not (or hardly ever needs to be) a full time role, rather it should be a shared role, brought into the work of everyone on the team.

Performance Budgets for UX

There are few more important things when it comes to UX than speed. No matter how many usability tests, personas and user flow diagrams you have, if your users find themselves staring at a spinning wheel or a blank page consistently they will leave. Performance budgets can help you keep your website useable by giving […]